World Wide Media & Productions is a full service advertising agency providing marketing & Creative strategy, creative development, media planning & buying, Corporate & add films, radio production, Online Marketing, Event, PR & Teleshopping slots.


Planning Guidelines

We set the media related agendas that reflect the product requirements and their effectiveness in a way that’s beneficial to the clients. We emphasize on amalgamating the research results with our own intellectual analysis as it a cornerstone against our competitors.

Annual Media Plans

Development of annual media strategies are an intrinsic part of media planning. We devise these strategies not only for all the brands individually, but also for the company as a whole. They are usually based on the marketing as well as the advertising agendas. It is only then, that the budget is penned down for the entire operation in order to achieve the targets set. The targets include the appropriate media-mixtures, scheduling strategies, sponsorship strategies etc. Finally, the CPRP goals are set.

Monthly Media Plans

The monthly media plans slack off any deviations from the annual plans and brand-wise CPRP checks are done against the pre-set goals. The results and feedbacks from the monthly plans are incorporated into the planning structure to safeguard against the dynamic nature of the media and the market.

Competition Analysis

Keeping tab on our contemporaries’ strategies and progress, and its effect on our brands and endorsements.

Audience Delivery Analysis

Analysis of the prospective client’s media consumption like TV viewership trends etc. is done and then necessary changes are made in the strategy for effective results and response.

Portfolio Management

Strategic media plans are carried forward for the brands that are meant to be advertised both within the nation as well as locally. The marketing requirements are accordingly planned and executed. Analysis is carried out if media distribution is required and the necessary changes are made.

Media Research

We aim at nurturing up a skilled and talented team for the Research and Development research findings and apply them to our Media domain. Timely analysis of various channels, brands, markets, endorsements etc. is done in order to remain strong and ahead of our contemporaries.


Effective and enriching training programs for the entrants in order to familiarize them with the Media environment and to enable them to explore the same field in new and innovative ways.